The TAILZ Story

In 2014 two families from New Jersey met at their kids sporting event. What was a friendly exchange of words led to an invite for some food, drinks and fun on a cool spring night next to a fire. This was the start of their “Framily.”

The friendship led to great adventures, vacations and “Framily” tales. At the beach, skiing in the mountains, day trips to the park, hiking trails, kayaking, fishing or hanging by a campfire they created memories to last a lifetime.

Their most recent adventure together is what sparked the idea for this amazing company. Both families purchased a boat and spent their summer days cruising up and down the water at the Jersey Shore. One summer night they talked about how they could share the joy of having an active life, creating memories and being adventurous with friends and family. All of the memories they created gave them so many TAILZ to tell.

Whether you love hunting, boating, fishing, skiing, surfing or whatever your pleasure- we want you to share your life TAILZ with us!

TAILZ Outfitters wants to join you on your journey as you create your TAILZ!

Headz of TAILZ

Joe Barile
Krista Barile
Steve DePascale
Shelly DePascale